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Rusty Fence Post Gun Dogs is a proud consumer of Inukshuk Professional Dog Good. We are a small English Cocker Spaniel Gun Dog Kennel located in South Texas. We breed, hunt, and train our ECS.
Our English Cockers work hard and require a dog food that can keep up with the physical demands of a hard core working gun dog many times dubbed “pocket rocket”.
Inukshuk 30/25 is a complete balanced meal for our hard working field bred cockers. This high – energy dog food provides optimal protein, fat, and the right carbohydrates to support our cockers athletic activities and support optimal performance.
There is 578 calories in a cup of Inukshuk 30/25. Simply put, this dog food is “rocket fuel” for our high octane ECS. As hard as the Cockers work for us, this dog food helps them properly recover and be ready for the energy demands of the next day.
I’ve fed many different labels of dog food thru the years, and nothing compares to Inukshuk 30/25. Optimal food goes in, and less comes out. We wholeheartedly recommend this high quality kibble, and wish we would have discovered it a long time ago for our past gundogs.  You can find out more about Inukshuk Professional Dog Food at
Best Dog Food For English Cocker Spaniels

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